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Get Your Perfect Custom-Fit Clothes With Zozo Body Measurement Suit

We get a free entry into the size-free world, too!

Photos: Zozo

Have you ever come close to tears trying to find that perfect jeans for your body? We were firmly of the sad belief that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants lied to us, and there’s no magical pair that fits everyone… until we tried the Zozosuit. Thanks to revolutionary Japanese technology, the solution to finding clothes that fit comes in the form of a polka-dotted bodysuit.

The Zozosuit looks ridiculous on first sight. A skin-tight, full-body black suit with hundreds of white dots all over it? Looks like a dorky CGI motion-capture suit.

But, intrigued by the idea of a body-scanning suit, we put it on, downloaded the free Zozo app, put the phone on a stand, and slowly rotated in a circle while the phone snaps photos at different angles. In a few minutes, our screen showed a full 3D model of our bodies complete with over 12 very precise measurements from neck to ankle.

The data saved, we could then purchase the apparel sold by Zozo – t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and yes, jeans, too – all of which now come in our personal, customised fit. It’s like bespoke clothing, but measured in the comforts of our own home and without the need for a tailor!

Developed by Japanese retail giant Start Today, the Zozo brand and the Zozosuit want to create a size-free world where we don’t have to struggle with sizing and fit issues anymore. The over 350 white dots on the suit are fiducial markers, each of them unique reference points to create that 3D rendering of your entire body.

Some of the shirts and jeans available on the Zozo online store

The stretchy material allows anyone to fit into the Zozosuit and get their custom-fit measurements, whether you’re curvy, petite, extra tall, or have one arm longer than the other. Imagine our surprise when the Zozo app tells us that our right arm is a teeny bit longer than the left one, and same goes for our thighs! Besides learning fascinating things about our bodies, we can now get long-sleeve shirts with just the right sleeve length.

Here’s a video demonstration of the measurement process:


You can now join millions of customers across the globe in the size-free world by signing up for your Zozo suit to be delivered to you! The Zozosuit is completely free, and all you have to do is pay for the shipping fees.

Your wallet will love the Zozo apparel too, as the high-quality pieces are affordably priced. Though there’s only a basics collection available now, Zozo has plans to introduce more varied designs soon. And if you prefer your clothes to fit a little looser or tighter, you can adjust the measurements too when you place your order.

This innovation has taken off so well, the Zozosuit itself has become a fashion piece hot on social media, and the Zozo founder can afford a trip to the moon.