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Louis Vuitton collaborates with a slew of designers

With big names like Christian Louboutin to Karl Lagerfeld, this is one powerful collaboration to watch. We welcome the newest Louis Vuitton collection:

The Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves by Karl Lagerfeld for the Louis Vuitton Celebrating Monogram Collection
The Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves by Karl Lagerfeld for the Louis Vuitton

Karl Lagerfeld

Can you honestly say you did not see this coming? For an icon as powerful as Karl Lagerfeld, it is no surprise that his design packed the most punch (pun fully intended) while maintaining the ageless charm of Louis Vuitton.

The Studio in a Trunk and Camera Messenger by Cindy Sherman for the Louis Vuitton

Cindy Sherman

Known for her feminine designs, Cindy Sherman added her own splash of brilliant color for this travel-ready series. We adore the mini cupboards and her poster-plastered messenger.

The Shopping Bag by Christian Louboutin for the Louis Vuitton

Christian Louboutin

Opting for a twist on the timeless, Christian Louboutin experimented with quite a few designs before eventually settling on this. We love the studded half of the bag and the monogrammed handles.

The Fleece Pack by Marc Newson for the Louis Vuitton

Marc Newson

The fashion industry fell into hushed whispers and divided opinions when Marc Newson announced the element of fleece in his design. Till right, we are not very sure whether we adore or abhor it. It seems we are leaning more on the latter!

The Twisted Box by Frank Gehry for the Louis Vuitton

Frank Gehry

Perhaps the cutest of the series, Frank Gehry decided to go for a dainty, small design. With mini bags being all the rage now, we foresee this becoming a big hit especially on our shores.

By Nicole Lee