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Holiday Inn hosts lovely weddings

There is nothing quite as beautiful as weddings, and nothing quite as troublesome too. Minimize your wedding woes with Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn just concluded their The Fresh Wedding Market last Friday, providing us an insight as to what differentiates them from the other wedding planners in the market. We bring you the key points:

Change your wedding dates

It could be an spontaneous date change or a last minute emergency, but rest assured that Holiday Inn will accommodate any date change requests for up to 60 days after confirmation (subject to availability) after the couple has signed up with them. There will be no additional cost or penalty incurred.

Tailor-make your own wedding

Perhaps you have not found the wholesome package you’re looking for – your groom wants a Star Wars themed ice sculpture and you are looking at floral aisles. Holiday Inn now has wedding packages where you can select and drop the items you are looking for accordingly. Fully customize-able and interchangeable, they promised fixed rates. No hidden charges!

A range of cuisines

They are stoked to introduce their wide range of cuisines, ranging from Chinese banquets, to Western buffets , to even authentic north Indian set/ buffet menus. Food is a big part of the weddings especially for the guests and Holiday Inn assures that they will be able to fit any theme with their range of cuisines.