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Dating Tips From A Real-life Cupid

Juicy details on Singapore’s dating scene from a professional matchmaker

Photos: GaiGai

Are you curious about the local dating scene, and why singles are finding it so tough to get a good date these days? So were we. Wanting to suss out dating tips and common concerns, we spoke to Chief Matchmaker of dating service GaiGai.

Dolly Chua, 30, has two years of matchmaking experience under her belt. The real-life Cupid puts down her bow and arrow, and shares with us what she thinks singles should do to take a shot at a great date.

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Take us through your steps in matchmaking a couple.

The first step is the profiling session, where you meet face-to-face with a relationship manager in GaiGai’s head office. The profiling sessions are detailed and in depth, usually lasting an hour or longer.

All information gathered from the profiling session gets entered into our central database. After a unique algorithm generates the top matches for each person, I hand-pick the most suitable match.

When both parties agree, GaiGai will help them select the venue and make reservations. We guide them through the process, following up after each date.

What qualifies as a “suitable match”?

I look out for personality, interests and physical compatibility. The compatibility factor is [also] largely based on the criteria the participants set in their preferences. The expectations of both parties have to be met.

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