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Dating Tips From A Real-life Cupid

Juicy details on Singapore’s dating scene from a professional matchmaker

Photos: GaiGai

Are you curious about the local dating scene, and why singles are finding it so tough to get a good date these days? So were we. Wanting to suss out dating tips and common concerns, we spoke to Chief Matchmaker of dating service GaiGai.

Dolly Chua, 30, has two years of matchmaking experience under her belt. The real-life Cupid puts down her bow and arrow, and shares with us what she thinks singles should do to take a shot at a great date.

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What is the funniest first date story you’ve heard of from your clients?

The lady showed up early for her date and was starving, so she ordered her meal and started eating before her date arrived.

What advice would you like to give to single Singaporeans?

Regardless of whether you would or wouldn’t want a second date, you should thank your date for his or her time and company. If you want another date, tell them that you would like to go out again and ask if they have any activity in mind. That way can also measure interest level in you.

My advice when asking for date is to be bold and confident. Communicate interest in your date by asking questions and be generous with compliments, and also creating interest for the other party by sharing about yourself.

Try new things and break out of your comfort zone! Go for blind dates set up by GaiGai! Having a small social circle is not a valid excuse anymore.

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