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Why Chic Straw Bags Are Timeless In Singapore

These arm candies are for the beach and beyond

Summer will definitely witness an influx of basket bags, either splashed across the pages of a fashion magazine or flaunted by your favourite fashion influencer on Instagram. But how fleeting is the weather in the West, where summer will eventually simmer down to the frosty days of winter and these woven bags are swapped out for sensible variants, usually made of weather-resistant materials.

But not for Singapore!  These straw/woven/rattan bags are not only forever stylish, but also very appropriate for the country’s perpetual tropical climate.

And before it became a bag trend, its beauty has been already recognised in the early days by the likes of revered icons Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn.

From a woven crossbody bag adorned neon pompoms to a rattan woven clutch with a metal buckle, here are some of these summer bags that makes Singapore’s heat worth your while:

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Cult Gaia The Babe, US$148.00

Available at cultgaia.com.

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