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Taste Test: Does McDonald’s Chocolate Pie Live Up To Its Hype?

We also tasted its new oceanic offerings and gave our verdict

You can almost hear the distant hallelujah chorus when news broke that fast food giant McDonald’s will start selling its Chocolate Pie in Singapore from 1 March 2018.

Now, there’s no need to project your petty jealousy to the citizens of Korea, Japan and Thailand, where these chocolate delights are only available in. Instead, you can soon flaunt your bragging rights with pictures of the pies’ oozy dark goodness on Instagram. Multiple .gifs are proven more effective, we think.

But all gloating aside, how does the Chocolate Pie really fare though?

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Chocolate Pie (from $1.40)

Like a tall, dark and handsome stranger, the Chocolate Pie is like a sexier version of the Apple Pie with its coffee-coloured exterior. Boasting the same crispiness, the pie cracks open with sprays of crumbs to reveal the molten chocolate treasure. While not very oozy, the gooey consistency of the chocolate custard still passed in our books. Because if you think about, too oozy and the pie will be one heck of a mess to consume, especially if it serves as a grab-and-go midday snack.

Taste-wise, the chocolate pie has our team divided. With the pie’s chocolate-flavoured crust to boot, some declared that it is enough to quell the lust of a chocolate lover. Others beg to differ, calming that the richness of the chocolate is fleeting as the yolk-ness of the custard takes over within seconds. Also, ready a tall glass of water as the chocolate filling claws at the throat a little.

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