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6 Showbiz Personalities Fronting Tiffany & Co.’s 2017 Fall Campaign

Amongst the diverse cast are Elle Fanning and Janelle Monáe


Trust Tiffany and Co. to send out a polished reminder of the importance of standing in your own right and be unapologetically yourself. Here, there is neither the need a public declarations of  self-love, nor the necessity to type out affirmations in 140 characters or less.

Instead, the American jewellery celebrates the power of individuality and self-expression through glittering statements of its iconic jewellery. The brand goes on to harness the strengths of six revered figures from the music, arts, and modeling realms, where each of them stars in their unique take of the 2017 Fall Campaign, titled “There’s Only One”.

Photographed by acclaimed fashion duo Inez & Vinood, the campaign features actress Elle Fanning, principal dancer for the Bolshoi Ballet and America Ballet Theater David Hallberg, singer-songwriter, Janelle Monáe, actress-singer-model Zoë Kravitz, American supermodel and activist Cameron Russell, and musician Annie Clark, who also goes by her stage name St. Vincent.

Chosen for their singular style, personal strength and imaginative vision, the ensemble is noticeable diverse with an underlying story hidden behind each individual. For a closer look, check out all the campaign’s portraits of the six stars:

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Elle Fanning

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