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Ladies, This Korean Fringe Hairstyle Will Give Your Face An Instant Lift

We show you how to wear and maintain them

Centre-parted hairstyles have become fashionable again over the last few years, but have you seen the variation made popular by South Korean actresses? Commonly known in Mandarin as 八字刘海, or “Number Eight Fringe,” it is a more airy and lighter version of the curtain fringe or “Bardot Bangs.” The fringe is fanned out both sides from the centre, creating the shape of the Chinese character for the number eight (八), thus its name.

This way of wearing your bangs is almost like magic. Not everyone can pull off a centre parting, but we don’t think you would have a problem with the Number Eight Fringe. It suits many different face types – from sharp and long to small and round – and helps to bring out the beauty of your features. Most of all, it has an anti-aging effect and gives your face a youthful lift!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at how the following celebrities with various face shapes wear the fringe hairstyle.

As with many popular South Korean female hairstyles, the Number Eight Fringe became a bona fide trend when we saw Song Hye Kyo sport it on the cult-favourite K-drama Descendants of the Sun. The Hallyu queen’s fringe perfectly frames her hairline and makes her round face shape look a little smaller. It even highlights the baby fat on her cheeks in a flattering way that makes her natural innocent charm stand out.

The Number Eight Fringe is catching our attention again now, thanks to the just completed series Touch Your Heart. Yoo In Na, who stars in the romance drama opposite Lee Dong Wok, wears the bangs in a very casual yet elegant low ponytail. Pretty much all her fringe is swept to the sides and away from her face. Still, it hangs slightly lower on her forehead compared to your typical centre-part ponytail, and so creates a more relaxed look.

Yoo In Na definitely showcases the youthful energy of this fringe hairstyle. Can you believe the actress is nearing thirty-seven? Much credit goes to her amazing genes and skincare routine, of course, but we think the Number Eight Fringe helps to knock at least 10 years off her face. She clearly loves this Number Eight Fringe style, too; she wears it in almost all her dramas, and even off the set!


Another Korean actress who rocks the style fabulously is Yoon Eun Hye. Her character in the 2012 K-drama Missing You wears the Number Eight Fringe in almost all her scenes, bringing the style into the spotlight very early on. The stylish ‘do makes her character convincing as a emerging fashion designer, while giving her a gentle and mature look.

The Number Eight Fringe hairstyle is so versatile, you can wear it in lots of different ways and shape it to flatter your face type.

Jun Ji Hyun, often dubbed a Hallyu goddess, has a rather sharp and oval face shape. In My Love From The Star, the actress styles the Number Eight Fringe by keeping her fringe long and adding C-shaped wavy layers. It helps to lift the face and highlight the edges of her faces in a flattering way.

So, how can you get this gorgeous hairstyle?

First, you need to get airy bangs (also known as see-through bangs). Gather a bunch of hair in the middle, between your eyebrows, and cut them so that they are longer than your brows. The exact length depends on how long you want your fringe to be.

Then, pick up one side of your new bangs with a comb and fluff it out. Repeat it on the other side. Don’t forget to use your trusty hair styling tools to help you hold the curtain sweep of the Number Eight Fringe, and get that movie star look.

What tools would do the trick? Here are a few recommended products to help your maintain your hair quality and show off your beautiful new ‘do!

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