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Keeping It Natural With Drunken Farmer

Celebrate the art of wine-making (and your love for wine itself!) with Drunken Farmer, a travelling pop-up natural wine bar.

Natural wines have been making waves in the wine community, and from 29 March, Drunken Farmer invites you to come and celebrate the classical art of natural wine-making. Drunken Farmer is homegrown lifestyle brand Spa Esprit Group’s (SEG) latest foray, and is currently located at Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari. They will only be located here for the next three months, though – check out their Instagram for updates!

Photo: Drunken Farmer

So, what are natural wines? Unlike commercial wines, these wines are unfiltered and made without any chemical intervention – they’re basically fermented grape juice, the purest form of wine! Which also means that you can drink more without fear of a hangover, plus grapes are naturally rich in antioxidants too!

Drunken Farmer aims to provide not just a new drinking experience, but an appreciation for the craft of natural wine-making, and the land on which the wines are cultivated. Learn and discover wine from the ground up as you sip on a variety of natural wines, ranging from reds and whites, to the more uncommon orange wines, hailing from all around the world! Drunken Farmer focuses on wine labels that are made responsibly, bespoke and clean; a great message given that Earth Day is coming up soon!

Photo: Drunken Farmer

With a focus on a self-sustaining environment and working with what Mother Nature gives, the winemakers take a very serious stance on being environmentally responsible in their craft. Soil fertility and diversity in the vineyard’s ecosystem are vital, and the winemakers strive to bring life back to the soil. As such, no pesticides or chemical fertilisers are ever used, making for a cleaner and greener environment.

Photo: Drunken Farmer

You may think that this may all sound very atas and unaccesible, but worry not, you don’t have to be a wine aficionado or a connoisseur to enjoy natural wines. Drunken Farmer welcomes both wine enthusiasts and newbies alike, and offers a wide variety of wines catering to various tastes!

We enjoyed the El Bandito I Wish I Was A Ninja – Testolonga ($105); a lovely sparkling wine that brought a smile to our faces with its sparkling, cheerful taste of sweet spices, vanilla, tangerines and lemon soda. A fresh, bright wine, this was sweet and easy to drink – we foresaw ourselves downing an entire bottle without any trouble!

Photo: Drunken Farmer

For white wine lovers who prefer something less sweet, try the Buteo, an Austrian wine. Light and with the faint scent of mineral-saltiness, you could tell it’s a natural wine by its honey-like colour – showing that it’s unfiltered. Tasting of stewed pears and spices, and lingering deliciously on our tongues, this also paired well with the Gouda cheese and rilette on the cheese and charcuterie board we had.

Another favourite of ours was the Domaines des Ronces Trousseau Côtes de Jura ($105), a light-bodied red that was wonderfully vibrant and, despite having a deeply earthy and briny aroma, tasted of cooked berries. The contrast was an interesting and great surprise – and we loved it!

Don’t miss out on unique wines like the Weingut Werlitsch Orange Wein ($129)an Austrian wine with a beautiful amber shade. Its long maceration process causes it to have a more “energetic” taste – we felt that it reminded us of soursop sorbet, mangos and white tea, with a mild sweetness. Out of all the wines we tried, this was by far our favourite – and the wine we kept topping up our glasses with!

Photo: Drunken Farmer

Pair your wines with Fine de Claire Oysters ($18 for 6, $30 for 12), savoury charcuterie like Duck Rillette ($19) and Saucisson sec d’Auvergne ($19), to cheeses like Camembert ($30) and Beaufort ($16) that make for great accompaniments.

With rustic wooden decor that makes you feel like you’re far away from the bustle of the city, fairy lights and candles that light a warm glow mirroring the smile that will be on your face as you sip some wine and enjoy good company; take some time off and pay Drunken Farmer a visit. We may not all be drunk, or farmers, but spending a few hours here and having a glass (or bottle) or two of natural wine will definitely leave you feeling closer than ever to nature!

Wednesday to Sunday, 6PM – 11PM
130E Minden Road Singapore 248819