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All The Camera Effects From The iPhone 8 Plus’ Enhanced Portrait Mode

Snap fancier photos with this new upgrade

Photos: Weekender

These days, camera phones and high-end DSLRs are neck-and-neck in terms of software enhancements. So it is only expected from Apple to include a whole range of camera effects to the new iPhone 8 Plus.

Along with the raved portrait mode feature introduced last year in beta with iPhone 7 Plus, four cool lighting settings are offered as part of iPhone 8 Plus’ new feature Portrait Lighting – a camera mode that utilises the dual-camera system to adjust lighting around your subject for the different effects. Facial landmarking technology plays a huge role as the effects revolve around the detection of human features.

At Singtel’s exclusive launch of the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, we manged to play around with the new lighting effects and here are the results:

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Natural Light 

The first portrait lighting setting from the iPhone 8 Plus, the Natural Light effect is similar, if not exactly the same as iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode function. Showcasing an in-depth feel in captured photos, your subject will appear in focus against a blurred background.

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