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#WeekenderTries: 360˚ Illuminator Treatment

Get glowing with the 360˚ Illuminator Treatment

By Samantha Francis

Photos: Courtesy of Bella Skincare; cover photo: Shutterstock

Nex Reception

Bella Skincare’s 360˚ Illuminator Treatment aims to whiten, protect and soothe the skin, while leaving it with a glow.

Under my immaculate makeup, I’ve got an oily T-zone, eye bags and tired skin from long hours of work. Tacking each skin issue is tough enough — much less trying to fix them all at once.

That’s why Bella Skincare’s 360˚ Illuminator Treatment is an attractive prospect for me. The newly launched three-step treatment aims to whiten, protect and soothe the skin, while leaving it with a visible glow.

Three Steps To Revitalised Skin

The treatment began with the application of the SOD Illuminator Ampoule, which is designed to target dull and pigmented skin as it intercepts dark spot formations at its roots and whitens skin from within.

Active ingredients like the Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) offers photo-protection benefits and counteracts oxidative reactions caused by UV Rays — just what I needed after being in the sun from a recent dive trip.

Following that, I was lulled to sleep under the skillful yet gentle hands of my aesthetician. Each stroke nourished my skin with the Hydra Illuminator Massage Gel, which contains gold microcapsules that burst open upon activation to release the nutrient rich Vitamin E.

Tampines Treatment Room

Under the skillful yet gentle hands of my aesthetician, I was lulled to sleep.

Oxygen To Restore Radiance

Afterwards, my skin was pampered with the CO2 Illuminating Mask, which aims to restore skin radiance and vitality. The sensation was rather unusual but not unpleasant; it felt like a million needles dancing lightly on my skin.

It was relatively painless — the result of CO2 bubbling molecules penetrating into my skin. The increase in CO2 concentration, in turn increases the oxygen supply to the dermal cells, promoting skin metabolism and regeneration.

Finally, I awoke to brighter and clearer skin, with pores that looked significantly minimised. Most of all, I was impressed that my skin seemed to absorb beauty products better in the days that followed.

If you’re looking for a reset button for your skin, this is it.

Bella Skincare is introducing the 360 ̊ Illuminator Intro Kit at a special price of $390, which will be available at their centres in the month of May 2016.