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How to rock this season’s hair trends

Prettify your mane with babylights, lobs and blowouts


There are no ugly women, only lazy ones, cosmetics guru Helena Rubinstein once said.

These days, however, even lazy women don’t have to be ugly ones, thanks to the latest hair colouring techniques and treatments that aim to help you achieve breezy, fuss-free and low maintenance looks.

Colour me trendy

Hair colour trends come and go, but you must have heard of colouring techniques such as highlights, ombre, and balayage. And now, there’s a new kid in town taking the industry by storm, adorably termed babylights.

As with its predecessor trends, babylights is yet another colouring technique that takes on an au naturel route.
The style, which weaves super-fine streaks of colour around hair ends, has gained popularity for its ability to mimic the sun-kissed tones of a beach lover’s mane without veering too far from your natural hue.

Salons in Singapore which have caught onto this trend include Blow+Bar which recently launched their range of sun-kissed colour styles. Their signature look, “Aura”, features the babylights colouring technique.

But devotees to the bayalage — a type of freehand highlighting technique — worried that the look as gone obsolete can heave a sigh of relief. Hair salon chain, Kimage, says that the trend is still as popular as before.

In fact, babylights can be considered a new balayage technique, as their super fine highlights are painted on by hand as well.

“There are so many finishes that balayage can create, from soft natural highlights to something stronger and edgier. Clients love it because it is low maintenance and there is no obvious regrowth line,” said Kimage director Monica Tan.


I woke up like this

Whether you opt for the bayalage or babylights, a perfect hairstyle for their sun-kissed looks is the lob, short for a long bob cut, the current style of choice for celebrities Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss.

Faces are automatically slimmed with the lob’s blunt cut and shoulder sweeping ends. Wear it either straight or wavy, depending on your hair mood that day.

For those who want to take hair maintenance one step further, but are unwilling to spend the extra time wrestling with a hair dryer and brush, there are now fuss-free options to getting that beautiful mane.

Try Blow+Bar’s permanent blow out, a natural perm that lasts up to six months and gives you effortlessly natural waves which require minimal styling.

Best of all, it also comes in 10 signature looks so you can find the curl that best complements your face shape. Prices for ladies’ blow outs start from $273.

Want sleek, smooth and straight locks? Give hair treatments a try.

Kimage offers a range of hair treatments, such as the keratin treatment (from $300) which helps to soften and smoothen hair, making it more manageable. The straightening effect lasts for around three months and leaves you with neatly-coiffed hair — as well as the luxury of more snooze time.

For a more complete overhaul of your frizzy locks, head over to Salon Vim, which pioneered the Texture Control treatment ($590).

Developed by the salon’s co-founder, Gary Chew, this treatment aims to help you transform your hair’s texture and leave it frizz-free and beautifully silky, almost with a sheen on it. Now, you can truly say you woke up like this!

Photos: Kimage

By Samantha Francis