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7 Ways To Make Your Home Look Like A Luxury Hotel

These cosy yet stunning homes will transport you to your dream vacation

Text and photos: Courtesy of Qanvast

A staycation is a fun and sometimes glamorous way to gather with loved ones. However, with a hefty price tag and the annoying prospect of unavailable rooms, organising one is often but a rare occurrence.

Here’s a long-term solution — why not build a home that looks straight out of a hotel suite? While you probably won’t have a million dollar view or concierge to serve you hand and foot, you can always have a place to getaway, any day.

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Interior Designer: Project File
Location: Meier Suites
Cost of Renovation: $74,000

1. East-meets-West

An East-meets-West apartment ticks all the right boxes in the ‘comfort’ factor. Think Mandarin Oriental — Refined, contemporary furniture pair alongside Asian accents, such as the Japanese-style table lanterns and wooden partitions. It’s the perfect place to unwind and Netflix on a fluffy bed.

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