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The Fresh New Faces To Look Out For In 2017

Fashion brands are turning to these celebs for their high brand recall value and appeal

They’re young, fast and furious. Adding up the digital digits, they have a combined following of more than a 180 million followers on social media and are probably the hottest international stars right now.

If G-Dragon or Karlie Kloss doesn’t ring a bell, you need to get your head back into the name game.

Fashion houses such as Burberry, Coach, Chanel, Hugo Boss and Swarovski are definitely stepping up their game in 2017 by introducing these famous faces as their new brand ambassadors.

Familiar 90s child stars Zac Efron, and Selena Gomez are now fronting brands Hugo Boss and Coach respectively. Riding on the Asian wave, Chinese superstar Kris Wu is the face for Burberry, while Big Bang heartthrob G-Dragon, is the ambassador for Chanel.

It’s clear to see that these fashion power houses are moving to target the millennials as their next big spenders.

Check out who’s who in our power celeb list below:

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G-Dragon for Chanel

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