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7 Stunning Homes Fit For A Modern Superwoman

Start the new year with some home decor inspiration for your sanctuary

Text and photos: Courtesy of Qanvast

What's a queen without a king? Still a queen. If men have their bachelor pads, strong, independent ladies can definitely have their own place to chill out.

If you're a single superwoman searching for the perfect look to your personal sanctuary, these 7 fabulous homes will put the 'F' in femininity.

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Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: River Valley
Cost of Renovation: $140,000

2. Power Play

Here’s one for the organised businesswoman who’s got everything together. Grids and geometric lines instil a no-nonsense order that reflects your can-do attitude. This monochromatic interior also features the stuff of every girl’s dreams — a classy walk-in wardrobe replete with an assortment of handbags and jewellery!

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