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Jemma Wei: “I’m Not A Fashion Blogger”

Writer, postgraduate, teacher and host. We caught up with multi-hyphenate Jemma Wei for a quick chat

Cover photo: Courtesy of Jemma Wei


She’s candid and charismatic, both online and in real life. The 24-year-old lifestyle blogger always takes the most envy-inducing travel images, so we sat down with her to steal some of those secrets and more.

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Hi Jemma, tell us more about yourself and what you’ve been up to.

I’m currently filming, writing and hosting, as well as pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing. Part of this programme and scholarship requires me to teach at NTU twice a week.

When I first started my blog, I was in secondary school. Back then, it was the cool thing to do and keeping an online diary ignited my passion for writing. It was a happy accident — I never thought it would become my career.

We love your travel photos! What are some of your “secrets”?

I definitely can’t live without my Nikon D750 camera. I’m also a huge tech fan and I frequently browse kickstarter. I recently funded the “Podo” project. It’s a camera with a re-stickable sticky side and I can’t wait to experiment with it when it ships over.

What are your thoughts about social media?

I think it has definitely changed my life. Five years ago, this industry didn’t even exist. Although I feel that social media may not be as hot as it is now in a couple of years, I think we have to be open-minded to see how we can adapt content for our different readers.

But social media does have a funny side effect! It’s definitely opened my eyes to the way people react to or perceive the people they see on social media. Ever since I started hosting on clicknetwork, I’ve had people come up to me in public and hug or grab me. While it’s a sweet sentiment, it has always comes to me as a bit of a shock. So I guess privacy and personal space is something you have to sacrifice a bit in this industry.

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