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6 Edible Bouquets To Gift Your Forever-Hungry Beloved

Why watch floral bouquets slowly wither away when you can immediately have your fill of the delicious ones?

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Photo: Churros Factory Singapore 

2. Churros Factory Singapore’s Churros Bouquet, $28

If you deemed your other half is the sweetest kind, then present them with Churros Factory’s Churro Bouquet! Dusted with sugar crystals, the dough fritters are hand-piped to embody a lollipop-like shape to make a yummy bouquet of five churros ‘roses’. For hygiene¬†reasons, the bouquet will arrive deconstructed, where you’ll receive the DIY materials such as the wrapper paper and sticks separately. As much as it is pretty to look at it, you have to ensure the churro bouquet is good enough to eat. Therefore, present bae the churros straight out from the toaster when the fritters are nice and hot. You can even add your own drizzle of chocolate sauce to sweeten the deal!

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