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6 Edible Bouquets To Gift Your Forever-Hungry Beloved

Why watch floral bouquets slowly wither away when you can immediately have your fill of the delicious ones?

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Photo: PetalFoo

1. PetalFoo’s Old Chang Kee Bouquet 

Our only gripe is that we don’t see any sotong head in PetalFoo’s Old Chang Kee Bouquet. Fret not though, we heard the floral boutique is big on customisation, so you can certainly request for all your other half’s favourite fried snacks to be included in the bouquet. But don’t let Old Chang Kee limit the possibilities of a sumptuous ‘floral’ arrangement, bounce off your wackiest ideas with the folks at PetalFoo to create the ultimate Valentines bouquet for your beau!

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