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5 Retro Games That We Need On Our Phones

Super Mario is coming to our phones – when can we get Bomberman in on it too?

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Nintendo recently announced that the much-loved Mario is coming to the App Store on 15 Dec, and will soon be available on Android devices. Called “Super Mario Run”, the app is a side-scrolling endless runner style game with two simple goals: collect as many coins as you can and reach the flag pole at the end of the level before the time runs out.

This got us thinking: Besides Super Mario, what other retro and nostalgic games deserve a little mobile love? Here are five that we think should get their own official mobile app.

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Photo: Youtube

1. Tetris

Earlier this year, it was announced that filming has begun for a sci-fi thriller trilogy based on the classic puzzle game Tetris. Wouldn’t now be a good time to release a Tetris mobile game to build up to the movie? *Nudges Sega*

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