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5 New Asian Beauty Brands In Singapore You Don’t Want to Miss

Combat Singapore’s hot and humid climate,more and more Singaporean found that Asia Beauty brand products are more suitable for them.

Here are 5 Asian Beauty Brands newly launched in Singapore just for you!

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1. POLA From Japan

POLA originated with a long history from Japan since 1929, with “Science. Art. Love” as the brand philosophy. Having accumulated over 18 million real skin data, POLA uses its incredible knowledge of skin to create the most effective anti-aging skincare products. The famous range from POLA includes B.A (Bio-Active Skincare), Wrinkle Shot, White Shot and more.

Their Highly-Raved B.A (Bio-Active Skincare) is said to be the world’s most awarded skincare with over 560 awards under its belt. “Bioactive Theory” aims to maximize the power of the skin as much as possible. B.A’s secret lies in its proprietary ability to recreate Versican, the miracle skin birth factor that prompts the first step in new skin creation. This is a world-first: reinvigorating Versican production in maturing skin cells and sparking new skin generation, previously a one-time-only mechanism of fetal development. Versican in turn stimulates collagen production by 250% and elastin production by 300%. With consistent use, your skin will become firmer, younger, and more lustrous.

Available at Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Department Store, Level. 1.

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