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The 12 Most Stylish Movies Of All Time Every Fashionista Should Watch

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There are good movies, and then there are movies so memorable because the costumes have become a part of the story and characters. It’s likely you’ve seen a dress on the runway or a cool outfit on the streets that’s inspired by one of the following chic movies. For their costumes are not just visual pleasure, but also set or inspire trends that still live on today. If you love fashion, you’ll love these movies.

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1. Gone With The Wind (1939)

Let’s begin with one of the most iconic movies of old Hollywood: Gone With The Wind. Watching a nearly four-hour movie set in the 19th Century might be a chore to some, so let Walter Plunkett’s intricate costume designs be your guide to illuminate the magic of this movie. The over 40 dresses that Vivian Leigh wore chart the growth of her feisty character Scarlett in response to the Civil War and its aftermath. From creamy white ruffles to a dress made of green velvet curtains, the costumes influenced women at the time to start using luxury fabrics such as velvet, and donning big hats and scarves like Scarlett did. Part of cultural legacy now, the original dresses that Vivian Leigh wore are still in recent years auctioned off for hundreds of thousands.

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