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6 Unique Restaurant Concepts Around Asia

Dining has never been this interesting!

With a large number of restaurants opening in different countries all over the world, they all have that one same purpose— that is to give their diners an authentically and unique dining experience.
It is not simply just based on the taste of the food itself, or how it is prepared, but taking into consideration the entire experience, down to the intricate details and delving into the deeper purpose of dining.

Read on while we introduce you to 6 of these unique restaurants concepts!

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1. NOX – Dine In The Dark , Singapore

Journey into a culinary adventure where you’ll get to experience your meal in the dark by using only your sense of taste, smell and hearing.

Seated in the blacked out dining room, you will be guided and served by blind or visually impaired individuals who have been specially trained to offer guidance and reassurance to dining guests. A truly human experience when the roles are reversed—where diners’ sight are inhibited in the darkness, and the visually impaired servers becoming their eyes; the entire experience encouraging mindfulness while you dine.

269 Beach Road, Singapore 199546

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