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10 Emergency Face Masks Just In Time To Save The Day (And Your Date!)

Keeping those cheeks dewy and kissable!

We’re one day before the big Valentine’s Day! Feeling like your skin needs an extra boost of moisture and collagen? No more waiting for the Anpanman or whatever superhero, here are 10 face masks that’ll swoop in to save your day (and your date!) with an instant boost!

Now all’s said and done, it’s time to lie back and let the mask do the work!

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1. LANEIGE White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask, $28.00 

Wake up to dewy, fair skin with the White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask. Enhanced with a sachet of Vita Powder, along with the bear-shaped mask pack, it keeps your skin supple, clear and bright.

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