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What Would You Do for a Free Outfit?

The Desigual event this morning showcased a part of Singapore we thought we would never see. No, not just their bodies! But the lengths we would go to for a free outfit

Desigual had a simple offer: be the first 100 to show up at their Orchard Central branch in your swim wear and receive an outfit fully sponsored by them. That’s right; you stand a chance of getting a free outfit if you can get over your prudishness!

The crowd seemed completely at ease in their swimwear

What would we do for a free outfit?

We are willing to wear a bikini to get a free outfit. But we are not willing to let anyone else know that.

Out of the 100 goers yesterday, only 5-6 of them posted proud photos of their attendance on Instagram. The rest of them did not use the hashtag, did not tag Desigual, or simply did not upload anything. It could be due to the limited time they were given to pick out their free outfit, but still no excuse for not uploading it afterward!

The ladies were stunning in their swim wear, looking entirely comfortable
The ladies were stunning in their swim wear, looking entirely comfortable

People who turned up

There are events that will attract goers, no matter how ridiculous it is. Examples include runs, cycling races, music festivals and food events. Now, when you do a unique event such as Desigual’s, you run a risk of having little to no attendance.

But surprisingly, the bulk of attendees were Singaporean, which only a handful of Caucasians and Japanese. Most of them were with their friends and looking like they are having a ball of a time. There were little to no awkwardness at all.

Attendees de-robe once inside the store, where they are free to choose any item of their choice

Ideas for your next event

Now that we have a gauge of what it takes to get Singaporeans to take a brave, semi-naked leap forward, it is time to generate ideas for your next event! Would you offer limited edition merchandise to the first, say, 100 participants who turn up at a restaurant wearing pyjamas and kitty ears?

Leave us your ideas and maybe one day, you might see it materialize!

By Nicole Lee