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“The Walking Dead” S7: Who Got Killed?

We can't wait to find out which favourite got killed off in Season 6's cliffhanger


Goodbye, sleepless nights. After the harrowing cliffhanger that "The Walking Dead" dropped on us in Season 6, the answer is finally coming with Season 7 on 24 Oct. We can finally find out who the tyrant Negan snuffed out from the group of survivors.

Meanwhile, we're listing out all the possibilities. Who do you think Negan killed?

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Photo: Inquisitr

11. Sasha

Sasha has discovered a kindred spirit in Abraham and both of them found peace as they found each other. They have embraced the idea of living a full life together, beyond surviving. Yet now, they sit in a lineup that guarantees that the world isn’t done with delivering them pain and loss.

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