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Nathan Hartono Duets With Jay Chou At Sing! China Final

The talented homegrown singer delivered a smashing performance

On 7 Oct, Singaporeans watched in anticipation as Nathan Hartono took to the stage, competing against international finalists in singing competition Sing! China.

The competition was fiery, with strong contestants including Guangzhou’s Wang Chenrui and Malaysian singer Jeryl Lee from Na Ying’s team, and Jilin’s Yang Meina from Harlem Yu’s team.

Most note-worthy was his energetic performance and duet with mentor Jay Chou, where he not only tap danced, rapped, beat boxed, but also played the harmonica to the hit song “Nunchucks”.


Later, he wowed in the second round with “The Longest Movie”. His emotional rendition and pitch-perfect falsettos left the audience cheering endlessly.


In his face-off against eventual winner Jiang Dunhao, Hartono performed a Mandopop medley of Mavis Hee’s “Moonlight In The City” and Anita Mui’s “Nu Ren Hua”.


Despite clinching the second place position, Nathan reached the highest spot any Singaporean has attained in a Chinese reality singing competition.

Going by the sheer amount of positive comments and reactions from fellow Singaporeans, it is clear that he’s a worthy champion nonetheless.