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How To Unlock Streaming Platforms Using A Vpn?

Keep streaming as you hop from country to country with the right VPN.

Streaming platforms, such as Hulu, Disney +, Netflix have loads of great content but films and series can be different from one country to another, due to restrictions based on your location. Some users cannot access certain movies due to the country’s regulations or copyright’s matters.

If you are trying to watch the latest show on your favourite streaming platform while you travel or if you want to watch a movie that is only available in a certain country you might face some issues. However, with little persistence and a VPN service, you can see almost anything you want to watch, regardless of where you are, and regardless of the platform.

Different catalogues for different countries

People assume that the video streaming services they are using offer the same movies and series in every location, however, what is available in your region might not be available in another one and this is due to copyrights and royalties. Platforms like Netflix, make agreements with various media companies for supplying TV shows and movies. If copyrights were bought in the U.S, to stream a particular movie, but not in Hong Kong, therefore, the movie will not be available to Hong Kong users.

Let’s say that you’re located in Hong Kong and that you would like to watch Captain America: Civil War tonight. You cannot. Indeed, the movie is only available in Netflix US but not Netflix HK, and therefore, you might see the following message should you find the right page.

It might be disappointing, especially when you are paying for the subscription, you might feel that you are entitled to watch the same shows. Nevertheless, that is not the case.

This is where a VPN can help to unlock your favourite movie.

A VPN can help you unlocking the content

Every device that connects a network, like the Internet, comes with an IP address, which allows the identification of that device, as well as its location.

All IP addresses for a given location start with the same set of numbers, and this is how your device can be identified as connected from the US or from Hong Kong.

A VPN will secure your connections by encrypting the communications of your devices on a network, and it will help to prevent other devices or companies from checking the websites that you are visiting. All connections pass through a remote server that is operated by a VPN provider.

In case the server is in a different country, then you can hide your location and simulate a connection from a country you are not physically present in. Your device will have the IP address of the VPN server you are using.

Therefore, when you connect to a VPN with a server located in the US for instance, streaming platforms and other websites that can track your activity based on your location, will “think” that you are from that country. It is good for maintaining your privacy and as you’ve already guessed, to unlock streaming catalogues that are based on your IP.

If you are using a VPN for bypassing regional restrictions, you will just have to follow the steps given below, either on desktop or directly on your smartphone:
1. Sign up for an appropriate VPN.
2. Next, you will have to download and install the application on your device.
3. Choose which country’s Netflix content you would like to watch and connect to one of your VPN servers present in that country.
4. Go to the Netflix site and enjoy watching the Netflix content.

As you can see, it’s simple and it will allow you to enjoy thousands of new shows. While streaming platforms try to block VPNs, especially the free ones, major VPN providers are totally fine to bypass geo-restrictions. This technique not only works for Netflix but also for other types of video platforms. For instance, if you would like to watch the BBC online, and that you’re somewhere in Asia, you only need to use a good VPN and you’re all set.