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‘Narcos: Mexico’ And 5 Other Sobering Shows To Catch On Netflix

Tracing the drug trade of the Americas

Photos: Netflix

The modern drug war is moving from Colombia to Mexico! We can't wait for the premiere of Narcos: Mexico, which launches globally today, 16 November.

The latest installment of popular global crime drama franchise Narcos brings us to Mexico in the 1980s to chart the rise of the biggest drug empire in Mexico, where DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña) meets the Guadalajara cartel and the king of Marijuana, Miguel Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna).

Ahead of your Narcos binge, it’s time to load up on the best mind-altering substance of all - knowledge - with these informative documentaries and series on Netflix.

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While Drug Lords focuses on where the drugs came from, DOPE examines where drugs are being distributed, and predicts where and how the drug trade could possibly go in the future.

From the proliferation of cocaine in the rough streets of Oakland to tackling the heroin epidemic in Baltimore, DOPE explores the drug war across four areas of America, telling stories through the voices of both drug dealers and law enforcers.

Seasons One and Two of the Netflix original documentary are now streaming.

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