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SISTAR’s secret to sexy summer bods

SISTAR working it out in their campaign for Skechers’ new collection From left: Soyu, Hyolyn, Bora and Dasom (Photo: SKECHERS Singapore)

K-pop fan or otherwise, you’ll want to read South Korean girl group SISTAR’s secrets to getting a sexy and lean body

SISTAR working it out in their campaign for Skechers’ new collection From left: Soyu, Hyolyn, Bora and Dasom (Photo: SKECHERS Singapore)
SISTAR working it out in their campaign for Skechers’ new collection. From left: Soyu, Hyolyn, Bora and Dasom
(Photos: SKECHERS Singapore)

After watching them shake it on stage, with their toned bodies and sexy dance moves, almost anyone would want another piece of K-pop girl group SISTAR.

These K-pop idols treated fans in Singapore to a short but sultry showcase earlier this month, belting out their latest songs with their signature dance steps and megawatt smiles.

Since SISTAR’s debut in 2010, the four-member group has produced dance numbers such as “Loving U”, “Touch My Body”, “My Boy” and “Shake It”. For those unfamiliar with the group’s star status, SISTAR is ranked 10th on Forbes Korea’s most powerful celebrities list.

SISTAR’s Dasom, Bora, Soyu and leader Hyolyn are the newest ambassadors of American footwear brand Skechers. These sexy sirens let Weekender in on the secrets behind their success and their sexy summer bods.

Which Skechers range is your personal favourite?

Bora: D’Lite! The designs on the sneakers are very detailed – I like to wear them to work out. I like the many colours in this range.

#132_ent_SISTARS-x-SKECHERS-1What is your secret to getting your sexy bodies?

Hyolyn: We all work out very regularly but we have different workout styles. Some of us do Pilates and lift weights to get toned. We also watch what we eat and control our diets.

Soyu: We predict that the hips are going to be [the focus of] the new exercise trend. So we’re working out our hips, which will help show off our legs too.

Bora: For toning our legs, it’s most important to stretch the legs properly to maintain a good leg shape. Always wearing heels on stage also helps us to keep our legs toned.

What’s on your personal workout playlist?

Soyu: I listen to hip-hop music when I exercise.

Hyolyn & Dasom: We listen to hip-hop too! It’s our favourite genre.

How about your favourite summer song?

Soyu: [loudly] “Loving U” by SISTAR!

What are some tips you have for beating the summer heat?

Soyu: It’s very important to choose the right sunblock for your skin. Every sunblock has different ingredients and strengths, so you need to choose one that really suits your skin type.

How would you describe your off-stage personal styles?

Soyu: Of all the members, I like wearing the most different kinds of styles. I can have a girly style, or whatever’s trending. I think Bora and Hyolyn just like wearing what’s comfortable for them.

Hyolyn: And Dasom’s style is simplicity.


If you could switch roles with another member, whose would it be and why?

Dasom: I would like to be Hyolyn and have her schedule.

Hyolyn: [gasps] Why?

Dasom: She’s the most experienced member. She gets to do a lot of things: song collaborations, drama soundtracks and solo projects. I’d like to experience those too.

If you were going on a vacation, where would you choose?

Bora: It doesn’t matter – just give me a holiday! I don’t have a lot of experience with travelling but if I could, I’d like to go to a place like Boracay in the Philippines, or Los Angeles.

Dasom: I actually got a five-day holiday last year, and I went around many places in Singapore. If I got to tour again, I’d love to go to the United States. Or Mexico!

Hyolyn: I love the sea. I’d like to go somewhere with water, so I can do water sports.

Soyu: Anywhere. Just anywhere I can chill out.

I can tell your eagerness for a holiday. What will SISTAR be busy with from now on?

Bora: We’ll be promoting our comeback songs, so do support us!

Hyolyn: With our comeback, we’re hoping to get first place at all the music awards so we can treat our fans to more live performances – that’s our goal now.
By Pamela Chow

SISTAR was in town for the opening of Skechers’ new flagship store at Ngee Ann City, #B2-04.