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Silly Sandra Ng gets real

Top-billing Hong Kong comedienne Sandra Ng tells us what she’s really like behind her comical act

Sandra Ng (right) with A Fantastic Ghost Wedding co-star Mark Lee

From provocative tai-tai to loud mama san, funny lady Sandra Ng has brought laughter to audiences through almost every character imaginable. The versatile actress is loved for her portrayal of Tai Sou in the popular All’s Well, Ends Well film series, and of the boisterous lead in the Golden Chicken trilogy.

Recently, she appears in Singapore-Hong Kong comedy A Fantastic Ghost Wedding, alongside Singapore comedian Mark Lee. Ng plays a finicky and conservative mother who tries to find a bride for her suddenly-deceased son.

In an exclusive online interview, Ng tells us about her filming experience in Singapore, the role she most desires to play, and what she is truly like when the curtains close.

How was it like being in Singapore for A Fantastic Ghost Wedding?

Singapore is a very safe place to be in. It is a very familiar place to me because I visit Singapore quite often for movie promos and such. I feel so at ease when I’m in Singapore, I can even wear slippers.

Were there any memorable incidents during filming?

The happiest part was to film the movie with Mark Lee. He is a very nice person who took very good care of me.

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How challenging was it to act as a funny yet grieving character?

My role in A Fantastic Ghost Wedding is a traditional yet eccentric mother. I think this movie is not just a comedy, there are many more emotional phases to it. She had to face a lot of problems, including her marriage and the upbringing of their child.

Also, this role was expected to speak Cantonese and Mandarin. Hence language was also a barrier for me.

You’ve acted in countless comedies. Which is your own favourite comedy that you’ve watched?

I believe there are many fans of Stephen Chow’s movies, including myself.

You’ve played extreme types of roles: from an elegant lady to a loud mama san. Which character is closest to your own personality?

I think my role in A Fantastic Ghost Wedding also resembles myself in real life. Mama san’s character is louder, more passionate and bubblier. If you were to ask me if my real personality is so close to the roles I play, I will not think so.

Sometimes, I wish that my personality is more similar to the roles I play. There are some characteristics in the roles I play that are similar to me, but it is definitely not 100 percent.

Singaporean comedian Marcus Chin (left) joins Ng in A Fantastic Ghost Wedding

Is there any kind of role that you would love to play, that you’ve yet to have the chance to?

What I’d really love to try is to act as a baddie, or a killer. I’ve acted as a baddie in comedies before, but at the end of it people will not view that role as a real “baddie”, so I want to try (the role of a) villain.

Could you tell us something about yourself that most fans don’t know?

I can be really quiet. I do hosting and interviews, (but) I’m not like that because that is my job. I can be really quiet in my own time.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? How do you relax?

I like to exercise and go for massage during my free time. I really like to spend time with my daughter. Just the both of us, we can go shopping and catch a movie.

Otherwise, I’d like to stay at home, turn on music and just walk around, read newspapers and magazines. These activities are very relaxing for me.

What makes you truly happy?

I’m happy when I do not have to worry about finance, (when I) can spend time with my family to have a simple meal or go on a holiday. I’m also happy when I can spend time with my parents.

If you are talking about pursuing in my career path, that is another type of happiness – I’m also happiest when I’m in the midst of shooting a movie.

Apart from A Fantastic Ghost Wedding, what else have you been busy with? Are there other film projects you’re working on now?

Since I’ve already acted in so many movies, I’d like to play a different role in the movie scene now, like being movie producer. Just like in A Fantastic Ghost Wedding, I want to seize this chance to work with new people.

Moving forward, I’d like to take up more projects where I can not only participate as an actress, but also movie producer.

By Pamela Chow

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