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Rebecca Lim: Singaporean babe of the decade

Miss Singapore Universe Miss Photogenic, New Paper Babe of the Year twice, Best Supporting Actress 2014 and Best Actress 2015 – how does Rebecca Lim do it?

Rebecca Lim has won Best Supporting Actress 2014 and Best Actress 2015 in the Star Awards and a host of other accolades since her debut in 2005
Rebecca Lim has won Best Supporting Actress 2014 and Best Actress 2015 in the Star Awards and a host of other accolades since her debut in 2005

The arresting Rebecca Lim is no stranger to Singaporeans, having appeared in a host of popular TV drama series and having won numerous accolades, including for Best Actress in the recent Star Awards 2015.

With her radiant and youthful visage, it’s hard to believe that she made her debut in the public eye back in 2005 as a runner-up in the Miss Singapore Universe pageant. She won the Miss Photogenic Award then.

Now an accomplished actress and bona fide babe (yes, she’s won accolades for being one too), Rebecca shares with Weekender several aspects of her personal life and who and what has helped her stay strong and beautiful.

What have you been busy with of late?

I recently returned from Malaysia. I was there filming the finale of the trilogy for “The Journey: Our Homeland”.
And I am currently busy with two drama productions. That and a romantic comedy, “Sealed with a Kiss”. Also, a bit part in “Mata Mata”, Season 3.

So things have been pretty hectic for me at the moment. But all is good! I love being busy! I appreciate that people want to cast me in shows!

You’ve acted in quite a number of shows. Who has been your favourite co-star so far?

I have so many! Since entering the industry, I’ve learnt so much, especially from the veterans. I always enjoy working with veterans because there’s so much I can learn from their craft and their life lessons that they very willingly share while we wait between shots.

#129_ent_Swisse_Rebeccalim_4Could you please describe the funniest moment you’ve had while filming?

I did a comedy with Gurmit Singh and Huang Wen Long recently. They are super good at what they do.

I have never laughed so hard in such a long time. Every day on set was a laugh fest and they would be really hilarious off camera with their jokes and antics as well.

What’s the most difficult thing about being an actress?

Being judged by people who don’t necessarily know you. Sometimes people expect you to behave a certain way even when you’re not at work. They forget that sometimes, at the end of the day, we are human and we make mistakes.

What’s your family’s sentiment about you being an actress?

They’ve been extremely supportive. Even though they don’t watch my shows, which is actually a good thing for me and I hope it stays that way, they have been with me through all the ups and downs and have always been so encouraging, my sounding board, and my wake up call to reality.

You’ve won the Newpaper Babe of the Year twice [and we feel you should’ve won more]. Inquiring readers want to know, are you single? What kind of man would attract you?

Yup, I am. I think chemistry is important but so difficult to find and describe. What I really appreciate in a relationship is trust, communication and honesty. Also, my partner has to get along with my family.

#129_ent_Willin-_-Rebecca_On-CourtHow do you usually unwind or chill out over the weekend?

I hardly have weekends free to chill these days. But, if I do, those are extremely precious moments and I spend it with the people who matter – my family and friends I love.

What led you to endorse Swisse multi-vitamins and supplements?

Two years ago, my sister, who’s studying in Adelaide, took a picture of a shelf in a pharmacy and sent it to me. She told me that Swisse is an extremely famous brand in Australia, that so many of her friends were using it and that she was going to try it out and asked me if she wanted me to buy. I said yes.

And, coincidentally, she bought me the Hair Skin Nails supplement, ‘cause my sister knows how vain I am. I consumed it and noticed a noticeable difference in my skin, my nails were much stronger, and my hair fall significantly reduced. I’ve never stopped taking it since.

What was it like collaborating with the likes of Lleyton Hewitt, Willin Low, etc.?

Such an honour. I feel so blessed. I’ve never thought that I would be endorsing such a huge brand that I believe so strongly in. And with such huge personalities with great energy and so much to look up to.

Where else can we look out for you next?

“The Journey: Our Homeland” will be premiering in July, followed by “Sealed with a Kiss” right after. Please don’t get sick of me! Haha.


Interview by Lester J Wan
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