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Basking in the presence of the Liverpool Masters

The legends are in town and our Editor managed to catch Steve McManaman and Jerzy Dudek, no less, to share their esteemed thoughts on Liverpool and football

There’s been a buzz of excitement in Singapore these few days, with a host of football superstars gracing our shores.

Tomorrow evening, at the Jalan Besar Stadium, the excitement comes to a head with a star-studded line-up of Liverpool legends going up against an equally star-studded team of Singapore legends such as Fandi Ahmad, V Sundramoorthy and Aleksandar Duric.

Together with Robbie Fowler, Jari Litmanen, Ian Rush, Dietmar Hamman, Jerzy Dudek, Steve McManaman and more, the prospect of this clash of titans at the Castlewood Group Liverpool Masters exhibition match has Liverpool and football fans in general salivating in anticipation.

We managed to catch two of these football legends, Jerzy and “Macca”, to share about the fabled club and other thoughts on “the beautiful game”.

Liverpool Masters Photo
Steve McManaman, Robbie Fowler, Chris Comer, CEO, Castlewood Group, Steve Black, CEO, Masters Football Asia, Aleksandar Duric and Aide Iskandar are all eager to entertain the fans

Apart from the Castlewood Liverpool Masters, what have you been busy with?

Macca: I work on TV in England. I’m a commentator for the football matches with BT Sports and, for the US, I’m on ESPN.

Who do you think is currently the best player in your position, in the English Premier League?

Macca: Wow, I think that would be Eden Hazard. He’s an excellent player. Very young, very exciting.

Which was your favourite footballing moment with Liverpool?

Macca: Well, winning the trophies are always highlights. We won the FA Cup and the League Cup, which I scored a couple of goals leading up to. I think my favourite is the ’95 League Cup Final. Very memorable.

Jerzy: For every footballer, and for every Liverpool fan, it is definitely Istanbul 2005. When we won Champions League against (AC) Milan. It was a beautiful moment!

What are your thoughts on the current Liverpool team? What do you think will be written about them at season’s end?

Macca: Hopefully nice things will be written and they will do well! They are under-performing at the moment but hopefully, as the season goes on, they will improve.

Who do you think Liverpool should buy?

Macca: Cristiano Ronaldo [laughs]. That guy scored almost 60 goals last season. But it’s impossible (to buy him)!

Who’s the biggest Liverpool legend of all?

Macca: Biggest Liverpool legend would probably be Kenny Dalglish. He’s been very successful as Manager and was a brilliant, fantastic player.

Jerzy: I don’t think you can say only one name because Liverpool is such a great club. I think it is a privilege to play with fantastic players like Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard… with Jamie Carragher.

But I think there is a generation of great players, and that is in the ‘80s… The team of 1982 was fantastic. When I saw them play, they played another type of football, from another planet! So many great players: Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush and so many other brilliant players.

Ian Rush will be here with us this Saturday too! I think the whole team, if I can say, is the legendary team.

Macca was a fan favourite at both Liverpool and Real Madrid

What do you think is the best trait a footballer can have?

Jerzy: I think, if I have to say, it is important to have the right mentality, to continue fighting, to give 100 per cent of all we have, to do the best we can. Right mentality is very important.

Macca: Best trait a footballer can have… is to be a nice person!

Well put, Macca. Are you looking forward to the game?

Jerzy: Yes, definitely, we are here for the game, for the people. The fans here are really good and passionate. I can’t wait to play!

By Lester J Wan

Tickets to the Castlewood Group Liverpool Masters exhibition match on Nov 14 have been sold out.