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How I became a whisky connoisseur

All it took was one evening to make me a believer

How do you turn into a whisky connoisseur overnight? I used to be clueless about peats, cask strength and related terminology.

However, after attending Weekender’s exclusive Whisky Night, I emerged with an appreciation of these elegant malts.

20141112_190706.jpg (credit- Pamela Chow)

A Night with the Singles

The evening treated us to award-winning single malts from superior Scottish distillery Glenfarclas. The night was young as we began with the flavourful 12- and 15-year-old singles.

Weekender’s Whisky Night featured these Glenfarclas singles. From right: the 15, 12 and 21 year-old single malts, and the 105 cask strength
The skilled experts from Whisky Vault meticulously introduced every bottle of their best Glenfarclas

As we sipped our drams, experts from Whisky Vault explained in detail the different notes that defined each whisky.

Common remarks from other guests ranged from statements on the oak musk – a remnant from the whisky cask – to praise about how the whisky slid smoothly all the way down.

Old Gold

We then moved on to the highly-anticipated 21-year-old Glenfarclas, which lived up to its reputation of having a silky and velvet-like texture. I thought this was hard to beat.

The 105 cask strength was the final whisky to be tasted. Having been bottled directly from the cask without dilution, this was the night’s most seductive malt.

Those who partook of it certainly had no regrets. After all, it is rare to get the best whiskies in one place, let alone get to taste all of these, right up to the inimitable 105 cask strength.


DSC00700.JPG (credit- Arwhin Harie)
Weekender’s guests were happy as clams after their taste of the finest malts of the night!

Fine Couplings

The tasting was accompanied by canapés, which perfectly complemented the whisky selection. We shared in revelry over smoked meats and truffle fries, while taking in the best of Glenfarclas.



If you missed out on the exclusive Weekender Whisky Night, don’t worry. Keep a lookout for similar upcoming events in Weekender and weekender.com.sg. You just might get lucky with some single malts soon.

Look out for more Weekender exclusive events coming soon!