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Stream music without draining any data

Singtel Music lets you stream music from Spotify, KKBOX, MeRadio and AMPed without any data charges

Sick of exploding phone bills due to additional data charges? Now you can stream music without any worry thanks to Singtel Music.

Singtel Music (1)

Stream music on Spotify, KKBOX or AMPed data-free.

The first service of its kind in Singapore, simply add Singtel Music to your mobile data plan at $7.90 per month to get a premium account from either Spotify, KKBOX, or AMPed. You can also tune into 13 MeRadio stations without impacting data usage.

Customers also stand to enjoy exclusive event invitations including music showcases and artists’ meet and greets.


by Nicole-Marie Ng

For more information on Singtel Music, visit www.singtel.com/singtelmusic