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5 love lessons learned from Fifty Shades of Grey

This highly-anticipated drama is more than an erotic bedtime story – it can teach us a few tips about how to love

Fifty Shades of Grey has gained international fame for its steamy and romantic content

Like it or not, there’s no denying that Fifty Shades of Grey is one sexy story. It tells of Literature student Ana Steele, who meets and falls in love with the dangerously dashing business mogul Christian Grey. However, she soon finds herself chained up in his twisted, ahem, bedroom routines, which are carried out in the “Red Room of Pain” in his top-secret man-cave.

It may not sound very realistic, but Fifty Shades actually imparts a handful of relationship advice to the rest of us. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if any of these tips don’t work wonders!

1. Tell Your Partner Exactly What You Want

Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) is an awkward Literature student who catches the attention of business tycoon Christian Grey

In Fifty Shades, poor Ana thinks she’s entering an innocent love affair with Christian, clueless about the formidable contract he wants to tie her down with. The shock that she gets when she sees the “Red Room” could’ve been avoided if Christian had just given her full disclosure from the start.

Don’t be shy, tell your partner what you want – from your innermost thoughts to what you really want for dinner. No more saying, “Anything lor,” when you know you’re really craving chicken rice.

2. Be Adventurous


After watching Fifty Shades, you might find yourself inclined towards trying new things. Nothing like some exploration to keep the relationship fresh and adrenaline-pumping!

I’m not just talking about bedroom activities, though. From taking up a new hobby like kayaking to switching up the routine a little, new adventures can reintroduce flair into a plateaued relationship.

3. Respect Each Other’s Boundaries


This one can’t be any more blatant in Fifty Shades – Christian literally draws up a contract with terms, conditions and safe words in his affair with Ana.  Not that we should treat relationships like formal agreements, but there should definitely be lines that cannot be crossed.

Needs and wants should be outlined, and if they are ever disrespected, you can kiss the treaty goodbye!

4. Not Everything (and Everyone) Can Be Controlled


Christian is quite the control freak, and feels the need to dominate everything in his life. This is turned upside-down when he meets Ana, the only girl who daringly bites back with her own opinions.

Because of this, he ends up falling in love with her. So it seems that it’s important that both parties are in control to keep each other in check!

5. Nobody is Perfect


One pitfall of Fifty Shades is that everyone is too perfect – Ana, Christian, and even Christian’s power- and money-hungry family of elites. From this, I’m taking the opposite message that nobody is actually flawless.

So stop looking for that perfect Mr Grey (he doesn’t exist), and start appreciating the little beauties in people!

By Pamela Chow

Fifty Shades of Grey [R21] (psst, it’s uncut!)

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson
Starring: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Ehle, Luke Grimes
Genre: Romance
Run length: 125 min
Release: 12 Feb