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Bernice Liu: Charging head-on

Bernice in “Once Upon a Song” Photo: HKTV2014

Stunning actress Bernice Liu doesn’t care about the rumours – she’s throwing herself into work, and life, and loving it!

Bernice in “Once Upon a Song” Photo: HKTV2014
Bernice in “Once Upon a Song”
Photo: HKTV2014
[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou may have heard about actress Bernice Liu being pulled into the furore after her high-profile ex, Hong Kong actor Moses Chan, announced news of his first child.

But speak to Bernice and she’ll tell you that she’s long moved on to greener pastures. Right now, her playing field is Asia’s first musical-drama series, “Once Upon a Song”. A mixture of royal fantasies, childhood nostalgia and romantic ties, this new series is set to charm audiences of Asia.

We spoke to Bernice and found out more about her acting, her life, and what she thinks about love.

A belated Happy Birthday to you! What did you do?

It was really, really special – I went to a winery in Australia, and I had my birthday there.

It was a very ad-hoc flight but wine has always been a passion of mine.

Once Upon A Song
Once Upon A Song

Apart from “Once Upon a Song”, what have you been busy with?

The past four years, I’ve had a lot of work in China. I star in two dramas that haven’t aired yet.
I hope that this Chinese New Year, one of them will be coming out. Hint: It’s a traditional period drama!

Among the shows you’ve acted in, which is your favourite?

“Virtues of Harmony”, because it gave me my mark as a princess, and that’s been my nickname up until this day.

The family that I followed in that drama, they still call me – we call each other all the time. That whole experience cannot be replaced at all – the years we took to film 500 episodes. We’re seriously a family.

Could you tell us, in your own words, about your role in “Once upon a Song”?

My character, although she’s very real, also has a cartoonish side to her. You just have to watch it – you can’t help but smile because it’s quite sweet but it’s kind of crazy too at the same time. It’s a loveable drama.

How do you identify with the love story in “Once upon a Song”?

I’m not like my character; it’s just too hard to be her! The way she thinks is very extreme. Her extremes are quite funny, but I could never do that in real life!

“Once Upon a Song” will air on Valentine’s Day. What plans do you have on this special day?

I have no idea! [laughs] To be honest, that’s near Chinese New Year, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be working.

This babe is still single, guys!
This babe is still single, guys!

Are you single? What kind of guy would you date?

Of course I’m single! I have faith in true love and that God has a plan for me.

These things are natural; there’s nothing to push for. I’m really enjoying my life right now.

How did you get started in the wine business, and how is it doing now?

To me it’s not so much a business as a passion – I started wine-making in 2008 when I was shooting a movie in Vancouver. We went on a wine tour in Napa, and I loved that experience. It left an imprint on my heart.

My wine has given me a way of expressing myself and at the same time helping a lot of children’s charities along the way.

It seems that you’ve been through a lot in life in the past few years but you’ve come out stronger than ever. How did you pull yourself through tough times?

It was my family and friends’ support; they believe in my passion and my dreams. I think that’s really important: never give up on what you set out to do, or let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. My dad’s been a huge mentor for me in following my dreams and having a very strong core.

I hope that when people look back to 2011 when I had my back operation and rumours were flying around (you see that), how you come above – that means so much more at the end.

“Once Upon A Song” will be available on cHK On Demand (Singtel mio TV Ch511) from Feb 14 to 28. Audiences can also watch it during free preview from Feb 17 to 23.

By Pamela Chow & Lester J Wan