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Concert Review: Playful, Naughty, Cheeky Kylie

In just over an hour, Kylie Minogue delivered a dramatic performance of concert proportions

Photos: Kwok Jia Xin for Weekender Singapore


How do you know when a popstar is enjoying her performance? She goes all out to have fun with her songs and the audience – and she means it.

Despite having only an hour and 20 minutes last night, Minogue put on a dazzling display of dramatic costumes and cheeky conversation, topping some of the headliners that previously reigned on the Singapore Grand Prix Padang Stage.

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Cheeky endeavours

Sporting a black jumpsuit with gold trims, Minogue propped one foot up on a platform and took a swig of water.

“I can’t be the only one that’s melting,” she drawled in a sultry voice, flashing a playful smirk to her enamoured fans.

Her precociousness shone brightly on stage as she indulgently teased her fans with copious interaction, often while showing off her excellent staging.

“I can do this,” she playfully boasted as she pumped a fist in the air, and her band burst into a crescendo on command. She grinned. “Now, let’s all try it together.”


For a gig half the time of a typical concert, Minogue still went all out in an extravaganza of elaborate costumes and choreography.

One will remember giant structures spelling out K-Y-L-I-E strutting across the stage, jester-like outfits that brought songs like “Your Disco Needs You” to life and the breakdancer spotlighted during the sensual number “Slow”.

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