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Vivian Lai: I Want To Direct My Own Drama

The host and actress has been taking steps to check one major ambition off her bucket list

Photos: Pamela Chow


The outspoken and carefree Vivian Lai sits across me in a cosy room, reclining in an armchair. Her denim dungaree sports a pastel purple ribbon, but it's not a trend statement. The local face of beverage brand Pokka and a household name in Singapore, Lai is showing support for the Singapore Cancer Society, Pokka's adopted charity of the year.

But her involvement stems beyond just her ambassadorship with Pokka, as I find out in an intimate chat about her own experience with cancer, as well as her ambitious future plans.

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Is there a type of role you wish you could play?

Yes, there are many. I’d really like to try acting as a lawyer or doctor, even though it scares me.

Why does it scare you?

These roles have lots of lines and it’s filled with technical jargon, like disease and medicine names or laws. I find that challenging, but if you never try, you’ll never know.

You’ve been the face of Pokka for so many years. Which flavour’s your favourite?

My absolute favourite is the older original Jasmine Green Tea, before the “No Sugar” formula was introduced. It’s so light and not overwhelming. Now, “No Sugar” is even better because it’s healthier and it washes down oily food well. Green tea is great – whenever I feel lethargic at work, I drink some and I feel energised.

Do you have any tips for taking care of your health and skin?

Pokka also has tea leaves in sachets – after you brew it, don’t throw the leaves away. Instead, place them over your eyelids for 20 minutes. It’ll help lighten your dark circles! It’s so useful. Of course, don’t put it immediately when it’s still hot! You’ll burn yourself.

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