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Vivian Lai: I Want To Direct My Own Drama

The host and actress has been taking steps to check one major ambition off her bucket list

Photos: Pamela Chow


The outspoken and carefree Vivian Lai sits across me in a cosy room, reclining in an armchair. Her denim dungaree sports a pastel purple ribbon, but it's not a trend statement. The local face of beverage brand Pokka and a household name in Singapore, Lai is showing support for the Singapore Cancer Society, Pokka's adopted charity of the year.

But her involvement stems beyond just her ambassadorship with Pokka, as I find out in an intimate chat about her own experience with cancer, as well as her ambitious future plans.

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Who is your personal hero?

Mothers, and not just my own. After becoming a mother myself, I realised that what mothers do is very noble. When I was younger, I thought all my mother did was nag and nag and control me. But when she grows older, you start to wish she could still nag you. You must cherish the family that’s close to you.

Now it’s my turn to nag my daughters. [Laughs]

Can you share something about yourself that your fans may not know?

I’ve recently taken an interest in the production side of entertainment. I’ve started to learn more about editing and producing a project. Previously I’ve only been in front of the camera, and didn’t pay attention to why certain angles are used and such. Now, I speak to the crew at my shows to pick up tips and advice from them.

If I ever get a chance, I’d like to direct my own drama or even a movie. But I’m still learning!

What sparked this interest?

I think our line can do with some new concepts – new everything – that can give people something different. You can’t possibly keep watching the same kinds of shows every day. I actually have a lot of unique ideas [to explore], but I’ve never been part of the preparation stage of a show. I want to join the team there and have my ideas appear.

Where can fans look out for you in the near future?

Next month, I’ll start filming for a Chinese New Year movie. It’s been 10 years since I last did a movie – Money No Enough! This time, I’ll be working with Mark Lee, Christopher Lee and Li Nan Xing; it’ll be a funny and feel-good family comedy.

Vivian Lai is the ambassador for Pokka, which recently announced the Singapore Cancer Society as its adopted charity.



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