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Girl’s Day: If We Were Stranded On An Island, Who Would Survive?

The girl group reveals their competitive side when talking about bowling matches and surviving on an island

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Girl’s Day members from left: Yura, Sojin, Hyeri and Minah.

Like a light Spring breeze, Girl’s Day swept coolly in and out of Singapore, flying under the radar of many fans here. The South Korean girl group were special guests for an equally special announcement: Talent management company Dream T Entertainment has been acquired by the Elektromotive Group.

Another revelation accompanied this announcement: The company will set up shop in Singapore, potentially initiating collaborations between South Korean and Singaporean artistes, and possibly even helping local artistes debut in South Korea.

Dream T and its subsidiary, YMC Entertainment, manage a variety of South Korean artistes, including Girl’s Day, Ailee and MAP6, and actors such as Ji Hyun-woo and Hong Soo-ah.

Weekender gets some time with the girls of Girl’s Day to talk about how 2016 has been for them.


Girl’s Day with representatives from Dream T, YMC and the Elektromotive Group.

What were your most memorable moments of 2016?

Yura: It had to be when I was hosting “Tasty Road”. I got to try out lots of famous and delicious food.

Sojin: Some of our members supported Yura and appeared in “Tasty Road”. For me, I had a lot of programmes that were shot overseas, like the survival show “Law of the Jungle”, where I got to be adventurous. I even got to explore Singapore for some other programmes!

Hyeri: I was very busy for the first half of this year with filming for “Reply 1988” and “The Entertainer”. But for the second half of the year, I’ve been quite relaxed and I got to enjoy my private time.

Minah: I was just starring in “Beautiful Gong Shim” and that was very memorable for me.

What is a day in the life of Girl’s Day members like?

Sojin: For now, I write music, practise singing and play the piano. Since we’ve worked very hard for seven years, we’re now getting to enjoy our individual time.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from Sojin, the leader? How do you support each other?

Sojin: [Laughs loudly] Actually we try to communicate with each other, have good conversations and comfort each other. That’s how we maintain our good relationship.

Yura: She gives the other members very good energy though.

Sojin: Thank you! [Laughs]


How do you like to recharge after a long day?

Yura: I try to enjoy my hobby – bowling.

Sojin: I like bowling too. And wine. [Laughs]

Hyeri: Bowling as well, and I also like writing in my diary.

Minah: I don’t go bowling with them. [Laughs] But I love a comfortable shower where I can be relaxed.

Who’s the best bowler among you?

Sojin: No, don’t ask us that!

Hyeri: We’re actually about the same. But Yura always gets a high score.

Minah: I don’t play, but I think if I did, I could score higher than them!


It seems that you can be quite competitive. If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would survive the longest?

All: [Points to Yura]

Minah: Yura wants to live the longest. [Laughs]

Sojin: She seriously cannot die! She will try her best to survive.

Hyeri: She always has very good fortune.

And who would be the first to go?

Yura: Hmm. Minah? [Laughs]

Minah: Why? Why?

Yura: She gets lonely very easily.  There’s a Korean saying that people with Blood Type ‘O’ tend to feel lonely easily. So she would be the first one out. [Laughs]

Hyeri, your “Reply 1988” co-star Park Bo Gum is coming to Singapore. What would you like to tell him before he flies here?

Hyeri: Singapore is very beautiful and clean, and the fans here are so kind. I hope his fan meet in Singapore will be very successful!


Could you give a shout-out to your fans in Singapore, especially the students who will be getting their results?

Sojin: We hope we can give you our new album soon! For those who are getting their results soon, jia you (all the best)!

Talking about your new album, can you share with us what your plans will be for 2017?

Sojin: We hope to launch our new album next year, and we may have more chances to return to Singapore and meet our fans here. Individually, we will also be participating actively in acting or hosting TV shows.