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A Gay Penguin Couple Are Now Parents At Sydney Aquarium!

And we have found our favourite lovebirds

Photo: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium / YouTube

Did you hear? Two gay penguins in Sydney are raising a baby chick!

Love is really winning Down Under. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium introduced their first same-sex penguin couple during breeding season in mid-October. Sphen and Magic, the two male Gentoo penguins, have long been inseparable, as spectators of the Aquarium’s Penguin Expedition might have noticed.

They would bow to each other a lot, which is the Gentoo gesture for saying they love each other. Yes, we’re bursting with cuteness.

It’s a Gentoo breeding tradition to make nesting rings out of pebbles to keep their eggs warm. The aquarium staff made sure Sphen and Magic weren’t left out by giving them their own dummy egg for practice. They didn’t expect the impressive care the lovebirds displayed! According to the Aquarium, Sphen is a total natural at incubating, while his younger partner Magic is still working on his skills.

But they work so well as a team, the staff just know they will be “amazing parents.”

So they gifted Sphen and Magic with a real egg from another couple that had two. On the evening of 19 October, #BabySphengic came into this world, as the first sub-Antarctic penguin born at the Aquarium.

The adorable chick is still yet to be named. The staff are waiting for the 2-month mark when its gender can be better determined. For now, we’re just happy to bask in its cuteness.

The Aquarium calls #Sphengic “Sydney’s hottest couple,” attracting lots of visitors. Their nest was the biggest among all the penguin couples, featuring not just any kind of pebbles. Watch Magic give Sphen a very special stone in the video below:

Want to see how Sphen and Magic are handling parenthood? You can meet them yourself at the Aquarium!