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You Sure Not… Can Really Play Charades In Singlish?

Looks like our “national” language is in the spotlight once again – but for all the right reasons

Photos: Hoodchampions

singlish charades

Say whattttt? With the ‘Speak Good English’ Movement still going on long and strong for the past decade, we were obviously surprised and tickled to find out that there was an Inter-Hood Singlish Charades Competition 2016 held at The Substation recently.

Organised by HoodChampions, the competition saw Singaporeans team up with friends from their ‘hood to pit their Singlish skills against one another in a game of hilarious charades.

The result? Gems like ‘sekali got ghost’ and ‘tekan jialat-jialat’ were uttered.

Here are some of our faves:


1. He kena tekan jialat-jialat, he bengkok already

Translation: He’s in bad shape after being beaten up terribly.


2. Don’t jio me running, I lau kok-kok already

Translation: Don’t ask me out for a run, I’m too old and tired.


3. Here so ulu, sekali got ghost how?

Translation: This place is so out of the way. What if it’s haunted?

Are you giggling yet? Watch the rest of the highlights here.

Hey, charades in Singlish is way harder than in English, you know?