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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: Your First Look At The Hero’s Origin Story

We’ve got so many questions

The first Captain Marvel trailer has dropped, and our hype has officially taken off.

We’ve been hungry for any news of Marvel’s next movie, which would finally see a female superhero take the solo titular role and lead, for the first time in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. Not to mention the awesome Academy Award-winner Brie Larson will be suiting up to play the hero. And since Infinity War hinted that Captain Marvel would be pivotal in defeating Thanos, to say we’re excited for the Captain Marvel movie would be a big understatement.

Before we get back on that brutal Infinity War cliffhanger, though, let’s get to know Captain Marvel. The new movie will be diving into Captain Marvel’s origin story as Carol Danvers, taking us back to the past – the 90s, to be more specific.

The trailer, which garnered 109 million views in the first 24 hours, begins with a body (probably Captain Marvel) falling from the sky and crashing into a Blockbuster. The video store chain, which was a cultural mainstay of 90s United States, is just the first sign we’re in the past. We also see a much younger-looking Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) with both his eyes, and even a young Phil Coulson! That de-aging technology is some magic.

Captain Marvel seems to be caught in the middle of two sides in a war, as Fury calls her a “renegade soldier.” As the flashbacks suggest, the “soldier” part also refers to the time Carol Danvers spent as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force. We’re also getting a look at the hero’s signature red, blue and gold costume, complete with the helmet from the original comics.

But even as we’re squealing over how seriously badass Brie Larson looks in the costume – did you see that part when she leaps up onto a train and shoots energy beams out of her hands?! – our heads are spinning with a hundred questions: Why is Earth caught in an intergalactic war? Who does Jude Law play in the movie, and could he be a villain? Why does Captain Marvel lose her memory? And why does she punch an old lady in the face?

About that last one, don’t worry – that old lady is very likely not actually an old lady, but an alien baddie in disguise.

While we wait for answers, we’ll just be watching the trailer over and over again, as well as stare at this super cool new poster (do you spot the cat butt in the bottom left corner?):

Captain Marvel hits theatres 9 March, 2019.