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Call It Bizzare Or Cute, The #FallingStars Challenge Is Causing An Insta-Frenzy!

As the nursery rhyme goes: “Humpty Dumpty had a great big fall”…

The latest Instagram frenzy to hit us is the bizarre Falling Star Challenge- where people photograph themselves “falling” off vehicles, stairs, what-have-you,  lying face-down with a deliberate “scattering” of items around them. These items can range from anything, including kitchen items, makeup products, vegetables and even pets?!

Singaporean influencer Cai Xinyi raised the bar for this challenge by “falling” accidentally from a pink Bentley, along with a $20000 Hermes bag, the latest iPhone, and a pair of $1046 Charlotte Olympia Shoes as a few of those “scattered” items.

We can see how this challenge could be used as a strange sort of marketing tactic. As seen on the streets of Indonesia, another influencer has fallen out of her sports car while “delivering” makeup and baked goods to her next event. Not to mention, we spotted her Hermes Birkin has been delicately “flung” out of the car with her too!

But honestly, some of my favourites are the more hilarious ones featuring a theme or two, like this one of a lady “falling” out of a vehicle, and from the looks of it, seems to have “dropped” her groceries and household items like brooms and even a thermos flask.

These people are honestly getting more and more creative… Even sports people are getting in on this trend.

Photo; New York Post
Photo: Vanity Fair Italy

Honestly, you have to admit that there’s no limit to the amount of creativity in these photos…

Photo: ExpressDigest
Photo: Hoahoctro

One can probably describe these photos as “hilariously tragic”. For more of these hilarious pictures, head on over to Instagram’s #fallingstarchallenge tag. In the middle of the busy day, this is probably the kind of light-hearted humour that we need.

Ok, now back to work- for us and for you!