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Storm in the Kitchen

Who will be blown away by the first timed challenge?

The fifth episode of Chefs with Heart, a reality cooking show, whets your appetite with the contestants’ first timed food challenge

The challenge is on for Chefs with Heart, a reality programme where 12 at-risk youths from disadvantaged backgrounds learn culinary skills from well-known chefs.

In the last episode, Chef Willin Low from the Wild Rocket Group taught the contestants how to make pan-fried salmon with otak sauce. He helms this episode again, setting them their first timed challenge.

The Challenge is On

The contestant’s first timed challenge requires them to make pan-fried catfish with otak sauce – slightly different from last week’s dish.

They can choose to make a fillet with sauce on top; or mince the fish, mix it into a paste and pan fry it; or cook it any other way they wish.

Kitchen Challenges

It is plain for the audience to see, as they busy themselves slicing, stirring and frying, that they take this seriously. One of the contestants starts tearing because of the chilli in the otak sauce, but he perseveres.

A mishap occurs for one of the trainees as she accidentally drops her blender of minced fish on the floor, and has to begin all over again. With only 15 more minutes to go, can she make it in time?

Timing Is Everything

Three of the contestants complete the challenge within the time allotted, and the rest get 15 more minutes to finish their dishes but will have points deducted.

They have to be plating in the final minute to finish on time. Otherwise, they face disqualification.

“Timing is very important, especially in the kitchen, when you are not just cooking one dish. You are cooking for 50 people, 60 people, or 70 people… During lunch time, your customers only have one hour,” Chef Willin explains.

Watch this webisode to see them cooking their dishes and to find out how the contestants fared.

Visit www.youtube.com/channel/UCD2i9A6NO3ghfEUpYNm1rkA to watch the latest webisode of Chefs with Heart.