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L Capital Asia and its partnership with YG Entertainment

Today we witness the official signing of a collaboration between L Capital Asia and YG Entertainment.

Today at the official signing of their collaboration, Mr. Yang Hyun Su of YG Entertainment raised a toast to CEO of L Capital Asia as he said happily and determinedly that, “We will make history together.”

G-Dragon from Big Bang and CL from 2NE1 were two of the stars present at the signing

We witness the first Korea $8 million investment made by L Capital Asia into YG Entertainment and we hope this means we get to see more of our favorite superstars! CEO of L Capital Asia devoted a good part of his speech to the power of YG Entertainment’s branding and how it is shaping the world and creating a new awareness for Asia.

CEO of YG Entertainment also dedicated the bulk of his speech to what he hope to achieve with L Capital Asia’s help and to break into the international market while furthering their brand while sustaining their strong foothold on their fashion, cosmetic, merchandising areas.

It is indeed a powerful partnership between these two mega companies and we look forward to seeing what this exciting collaboration will be bringing us in the near future.

By Nicole Lee