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There is nothing better than SET

Good things come in sets and over at SET, they have almost the same belief – except that they believe good things come in 5 courses.

And thank god for that.

I am a very small eater, so big portions do not sit well with me. I usually end up wasting the food. But for tonight, I managed to have a 6-course meal with no problem at all and you will find out why shortly.

Mushroom Veloute with Peanut Butter (2)
Who knew Mushroom Veloute goes so delightfully well with peanut butter?

Soup for the crunchy soul

It is a feat to stand out from mushroom soup. Almost every restaurants helms it as their appetizer – which is why it was a surprise when I tasted elements of peanut in this. It gave the soup a nice touch of crunch and extra flavour.

They have an array of other soups too but once you tried this, you really can’t go back.

Salmon Garvlax
Some food are born to be sexy – case in point the Salmon Garvlax

Salmon can do no wrong

For a restaurant this tucked into PoMo, I truly did not expect the quality of these food to be of such impressive standards. The salmon garvlax was paired nicely with sour cream (a curious alternative to soya sauce) and that gave it a fluffy aftertaste.

Grilled Snapper with salsa
Presentation wise, the best dish of the night: Grilled Snapper with salsa

Looks so good, it is almost sin to eat

I am a sucker for beautiful food and tucking into this was sinful – it almost looks too good to eat. The fish was grilled to perfection, with a crispy skin providing a stark contrast to the soft meat. I did not like pairing it with the sauces though, but you could try.

One of the stars of the night
Roasted beef tenderloin – one of the stars of the night

Never been a big fan of beef, yet

If I could choose one dish to change my mind about beef, it would be this. Beef is very easily overdone but this one was exquisite. It was a great combination of chewy and flavour dripping. I could not stop getting seconds.

Poached Pear with Gelato
My personal favourite dessert: Poached Pear with Gelato

You will be glad to get your just desserts

I am a great fan of gelato, I am convinced it can do no wrong. SET’s gelato is homemade, which explains why it is so creamy and unlike the others I had. It was lightly glazed with red wine and raw sugar induction from the poached pear, it was sweet and absolutely lip-licking. I was not a big fan of the poached pear but they complemented each other.

For the month of October, they can enjoy a 10% discount off food for the month of October with reservations made through Hungry Go Where.

Address: 1 Selegie Road, PoMo, #02-01 Singapore 188306

By Nicole Lee