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Get Your Froyo Fix For Only $1 At Ikea

Besides cheap hotdogs and coffee, you can now buy frozen yoghurt from IKEA

By Pamela Chow


You may have heard from the grapevine or on Weekender’s Instagram page that IKEA will be launching $1 frozen yoghurt soon.

Good news, froyo lovers! Not only has IKEA Singapore launched yoghurt, it comes with a choice of three different sauces.

You can order the strawberry, blueberry or raspberry flavours at just $1 a cup at the IKEA Bistro. Plus, we understand that the yoghurt has low calorie levels too, so you can enjoy the treat without worrying too much.


We’ll be popping by the nearest IKEA just to get a load of that yummy yoghurt.

Here’s more good news from IKEA: Seafood sold and served at IKEA is now sustainably produced, as certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council.