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Watch The Weekender Team Morph Into Powerpuff Girls (And Guys)

Here’s how you can get in on the next Internet obsession

By Samantha Francis


We’re totally #squadgoals.

You may have started noticing your friends looking a little cherubic and animated these days, but don’t panic. Profile pictures and Instagram selfies have been overtaken by a plethora of Powerpuff-like avatars, thanks to Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Yourself site.

In the same vein as past fads like the My Idol app from China, which turns one into a bobble head avatar who can sing and dance, Powerpuff Yourself is a fully-customisable avatar maker that morphs one into an adorable, world-saving heroine (or hero) — high-pitched voice not included.

Once I got wind of it, I knew I had to create one for myself.

Here’s my attempt: Bob hair, blushed cheeks, toothy grin and all. Although I was annoyed by the lack of outfit choices (where are my favourite culottes?!), I was pleased they offered accessories like this little Polaroid camera. #obsessed


Obviously, I had to pass this obsession on to my colleagues.

Here’s our Editor Lester in his cosy hoodie, flashing a wide grin. Clearly, it’s not closing week for us.



Our Digital Editor Elizabeth being the cool cat she is, hiding her peepers under oversized shades.



Anabel, our Asst Manager for Marketing Solutions, is all badass with her rugby lovin’ persona.



Our Sales coordinator/Social Media Specialist Riki looking right on point with her tanned skin and denim outfit.



One thing you probably didn’t know about our bubbly Marketing Coordinator Felicia: She can dance!



When our Art Director Sabrina puts her messy bun up, you know things are getting serious.



You’ll rarely find our Finance & HR Manager Grace without her precious green headphones.



This how probably how star-struck our Online Writer Nicole will look, when she meets Chris Evans.



Designer Zoe is peeking at you through her black rimmed glasses, and no, she is not impressed.



Webmaster Ryley being a dreamboat with his Elvis-wannabe do’ and a guitar.



Pamela, our Feature Writer For Travel and Entertainment, is away on a cruise trip. But she’s nonetheless sent us her regards with an out-of-this world Powerpuff complete with rainbow eyes and an Illuminati T-shirt. *Sings* What do you mean?